Friday, July 30, 2010

For Hubby's Birthday

Hubby's homecoming and birthday is fast approaching. On his natal anniversary the celebration is doubled. It will be a thanksgiving for his birthday and their safe return. Right now I am already looking for great gifts for a husband and I am so confused of what to give him. He is among those men that is very hard to give something to. I have some ideas in mind already but I am still looking for other options. Hubby has been asking me what I will do for his coming home and birthday but I did not commit yet for a bi celebration. I will just do a surprise for him. I have a small plan to welcome him home and maybe a small celebration on his birthday.

Afternoon Nap

I have a hard time now putting our 3 year old for an afternoon nap. She's very active all day even if we are just at home most of the time. I always coax her to take a nap but she's fighting out her sleepiness. But there are times also that she'll be knocked out on our couch.

I like it when she's asleep coz her little sister can sleep straight too. When she's awake and her sister is asleep she will try to wake her up. She'll kiss her and if her sister is inside the bedroom she will go there and call her too. She don't understand too well that she needs to keep quiet so her lil sis will not ake up.

The picture was taken on the 14th of this month when while both of them were sound asleep in our living room.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding Best Acne Treatment

Do you know what to look for in finding the best acne treatment if you need one? I learned that there are certain requirements you need to know when looking for acne treatments. A friend of mine who is suffering for breakouts since she took contraceptive pill shared to me a very informative website. The site enumerated the different requirements and even revealed the best acne treatment for the current year. This site is the best acne I like how it gives information for best treatment for acne. I was looking for acne treatment for my nephew and I am glad I read it now I know what I am looking for. I can also verify my nephew's prescription, especially the ingredients his acne treatment has. Acne is very annoying and frustrating to have, not counting that it is painful as well. So getting the right treatment that will suit for you is a must. So be informed and do your research too.

Pretty Nice Weather

I love the weather we are experiencing since last week and this week. Although days went by so quick but I have no complaints. Every day I talked to my husband thru Skype. Last night he told me that this week just fly so fast. I couldn't agree more and I like it coz it draw nearer to his coming home. I will be more happy when end of this month come and it will be August already. I just hope that next month we will still have pretty nice weather like what we are experiencing right now.

Yesterday I went for grocery shopping and went out around 7pm. I did not feel exhausted because the temperature is pretty fair, not warm and not so cool. Just right for me and our little girls. This afternoon while walking to our mailbox I decided to stay outside with the kids. Let them savor the fresh air and the warmness of the sun shine. I brought our DD2's bouncer and me and DD1 played ball. After few minutes a friend of mine called and invited us to their place. We had a scrumptious dinner at their place and a nice chitchat. Tomorrow we were invited to join in going to the beach. I am not sure if I will go but I'll see maybe it will be a good thing to bring the kids there to bask in the sun and play at shore. I am hoping though the temperature will be the same as today.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser

Do you watch Biggest Loser? I love this reality tv show. I thought it is very inspiring and amazing show. It helps people to change their lives and have another chance of living a healthy life. The challenges that the contestants go through are tough and it's amazing how they lost weight every week. The trainers really did an excellent job in training the contestants. I so admired Jillian Michaels, the lady trainer, for being so tough. She is very strong and really pushed her trainees to do their best. I know she has her own fitness DVD and I am pretty sure it's a good exercise; a super extreme workout. It would be great to have it and follow. Back in my country Philippines, I heard that they will also launch a franchise of the show. From the last report I saw on The Filipino Channel they are already doing the audition. I am excited who will be their trainer and if they can par with Jillian Michaels.

Acne Scare

I am contemplating on using contraceptive pill but the thought of its possible effect is scaring me. My friends here who are taking the pills complained of breakouts and irregular menstruation. One friend is now having a problem of acne breaking out. She got scars all over her face that she is considering of acne scar removal. She tried the scar removal cream you can get at the local drugstore but it didn't work for her. So now I am worried of the acne breakouts once I started to take the pills. But I really need to start taking it this early. I am not ready for another baby yet. Our DD2 is still tiny and I don't have somebody to help me out aside from my husband. Tomorrow I will be going to the hospital's pharmacy to pick up my prescription. I am praying I will be spared of the acne effect.

On Smoking Cigars

Do you smoke? I don't and nobody in our household does. But I remember while growing up my grandfather love to smoke cigar. I used to buy his cigar for him from the across us. When my brother comes home from his overseas job he'll bring cigar to him as well. I wish my grandfather is still with us. How I would love to let him try different cigars that I am pretty sure he would love like the Swisher Sweets I saw online. One day I asked my grandpa why he like the cigar than the regular cigarettes. He answered that he just like the taste of it. Until now I can still picture him having his cigar in my Mom's garden. Wow, I think I just miss him that's why this nostalgia. I also asked my father if he wanted to smoke cigar but he told me he don't want to start it he may be hooked on it later. He stopped smoking when I was in elementary and I am very glad he did because he has ailments that I know will only complicate when he continues it.

Summer Fun

This is what I love about summer, the dipping in the water with friends. The kids loves every time we are in the pool. Our DD1 will wear her swimsuit as soon as she got off from the bed. She will then tell me go to pool Mommy. Right now I can't fulfill her wishes often because I can't watch her while she's in the water. I need to have somebody to watch the little one so I can be with her in the water as well.

This picture was taken this past Sunday at our apartment complex's swimming pool. It was sunny but a little bit windy. The water is kinda cold but after few minutes it'll be comfortable. I am hoping when hubby gets here we will still be blessed with nice weather so we can go swimming again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Protect Your Skin

This is the second summer that I can feel the heat up to my bones. Honestly, I dreaded to go out because I feel my energy depletes easily. My skin in my forehead got sun burnt after being out watching the kids waddled in the pool. The heat of the sun can really increase wrinkles in our skin and too much exposure is really bad. And speaking of wrinkles there is one cream I know, the prototype 37c, that is said to give the fastest result without the use of surgery. If it is true then those that are afraid to undergo invasive treatment will be delighted. So with this very hot summer make sure to protect your skin. Apply sun block daily and treat wrinkles early.

Cure for Hair Loss

After I gave birth I felt that my hair started to fall off. I got long hair already and I had a hard time combing it after I take a shower. I looked for hair loss cure but I can't find products that stopped the falling hair. So after two months from giving birth, I decided to have my hair cut. I just want to have a manageable hair and less tangles so it will not break and fall more when I brush it. Last week when I went to the mall I decided to stopped by at the salon. Good thing our DD2 was asleep in her stroller and so my friend watched the kids while I had my haircut. I am happy with the result. It is way shorter and easy to manage. I noticed less hair breakage and I don't see more falling hair after shower. I use a leave on hair cream that is said to help managing my hair and has vitamins to keep hair from falling. Hope this really helps.
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