Friday, July 30, 2010

Afternoon Nap

I have a hard time now putting our 3 year old for an afternoon nap. She's very active all day even if we are just at home most of the time. I always coax her to take a nap but she's fighting out her sleepiness. But there are times also that she'll be knocked out on our couch.

I like it when she's asleep coz her little sister can sleep straight too. When she's awake and her sister is asleep she will try to wake her up. She'll kiss her and if her sister is inside the bedroom she will go there and call her too. She don't understand too well that she needs to keep quiet so her lil sis will not ake up.

The picture was taken on the 14th of this month when while both of them were sound asleep in our living room.

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