Friday, July 9, 2010

Cure for Hair Loss

After I gave birth I felt that my hair started to fall off. I got long hair already and I had a hard time combing it after I take a shower. I looked for hair loss cure but I can't find products that stopped the falling hair. So after two months from giving birth, I decided to have my hair cut. I just want to have a manageable hair and less tangles so it will not break and fall more when I brush it. Last week when I went to the mall I decided to stopped by at the salon. Good thing our DD2 was asleep in her stroller and so my friend watched the kids while I had my haircut. I am happy with the result. It is way shorter and easy to manage. I noticed less hair breakage and I don't see more falling hair after shower. I use a leave on hair cream that is said to help managing my hair and has vitamins to keep hair from falling. Hope this really helps.

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