Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On Smoking Cigars

Do you smoke? I don't and nobody in our household does. But I remember while growing up my grandfather love to smoke cigar. I used to buy his cigar for him from the across us. When my brother comes home from his overseas job he'll bring cigar to him as well. I wish my grandfather is still with us. How I would love to let him try different cigars that I am pretty sure he would love like the Swisher Sweets I saw online. One day I asked my grandpa why he like the cigar than the regular cigarettes. He answered that he just like the taste of it. Until now I can still picture him having his cigar in my Mom's garden. Wow, I think I just miss him that's why this nostalgia. I also asked my father if he wanted to smoke cigar but he told me he don't want to start it he may be hooked on it later. He stopped smoking when I was in elementary and I am very glad he did because he has ailments that I know will only complicate when he continues it.

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