Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty Nice Weather

I love the weather we are experiencing since last week and this week. Although days went by so quick but I have no complaints. Every day I talked to my husband thru Skype. Last night he told me that this week just fly so fast. I couldn't agree more and I like it coz it draw nearer to his coming home. I will be more happy when end of this month come and it will be August already. I just hope that next month we will still have pretty nice weather like what we are experiencing right now.

Yesterday I went for grocery shopping and went out around 7pm. I did not feel exhausted because the temperature is pretty fair, not warm and not so cool. Just right for me and our little girls. This afternoon while walking to our mailbox I decided to stay outside with the kids. Let them savor the fresh air and the warmness of the sun shine. I brought our DD2's bouncer and me and DD1 played ball. After few minutes a friend of mine called and invited us to their place. We had a scrumptious dinner at their place and a nice chitchat. Tomorrow we were invited to join in going to the beach. I am not sure if I will go but I'll see maybe it will be a good thing to bring the kids there to bask in the sun and play at shore. I am hoping though the temperature will be the same as today.

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