Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Going Out Minus the Kids

This afternoon my husband took the two older daughters out with him to have emission testing for both our vehicles. Me and the litlle one stayed at home. It was raining and I don't want the little one who already have the runny nose to be out in the rain. When they got back I told hubby I will go out to get something at the store. My friend C will be driving and we'll both go together to the store.

It was my first time to go out without the two kids with me. It felt so weird. Last week I already told my husband I will go out alone but I don't feel comfortable that I did not forego. Only earlier that I was able to be out. If it wasn't raining all of us will go out. As I've said it felt weird walking without the stroller to push and a toddler that I keep minding to. The advantage was I was able to do my shopping abreeze. I did not stay out so long coz I don't want the tiny one to cry too much or go starving.

Before I entered our unit I tried listening if there's a baby crying and I wasn't wrong. I heard her whimpering and when she saw me she burst to crying but hubby danced her around that from time to time she stopped. As soon as I get her from Daddy she was kicking and looking for the milk :-) She is such a darling. One thing I realized though, it is so hard to be away from our kids. Even for such a short time I already miss them very much.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Using the Internet to Prepare for a New Baby

Guest post written by our friend Gladys Fuentes.

When I was expected my children, I was very concerned with baby products and their safety. I wanted only the safest products available for my babies. Using my clear and tv bundle, I was able to read reviews and reports about all products I wanted to purchase.

Choosing a car seat was perhaps the most crucial baby item purchase. It would get near daily use and it needed to be as safe as possible. Using review sites and shopping sites I was able to make an informed decision about which brand to purchase. I knew I was educated on the directions on how to use a car seat and also the safest ones available. I was also able to use the Internet to find a great deal on the seat I wanted which helped me save a lot of money.

I used shopping sites to get real reviews of baby products online. Other mothers are a wealth of information and since they use the products daily they can give the best reviews. For safety issues, I went straight to the safety experts. I am confident that this helped me find the safest products for our needs.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe 2010


On Monday the world watched the most popular pageant, the Miss Universe. There were 83 beautiful, gorgeous, elegant and intelligent women vying for the crown. Miss Mexico, Jemina Navarrete, won the title.

Miss Philippines, Maria Venus Raj, came out as 4th runner up but she created a big buzz not only for the Filipinos but also in other nation because of her answer to the Q&A among the top 5 finalists. The questioned asked to her was very personal that even the foreign press said is hard to answer. The question was "What is one big mistake that you made in your life, and what did you do to make it right?"

A lot of people said she did not answer the question right but is there really a right answer to this question? Criticisms on different sites erupted because of her answer. I saw Diane Sawyer's news about her and her question and that even former Pres. George Bush did not answer the question right away or had a hard time answering it.

The most important thing is that she made it to the top 5 and she gave Philippines another honor. She is still humble, gracious and a positive person. She made us, Filipinos, proud. Congratulations Ms. Raj!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching up

Guest post written by Caroline Byrne.

It’s funny how meeting up with old friends will make you realize why you were friends in the first place. I had lunch one Saturday with an old college roommate that moved to Madison right after graduation. We had recently gotten back in touch through e-mail and then Facebook after being out of touch for years. It ends up that she had moved back to the state and wanted to meet half-way between the three hours that now separate us to enjoy each other’s company.

We met at an Asian fusion restaurant that is pretty popular and still relatively new. It was so nice to hear about each other’s lives and find out that her niece is now at our alma mater! But one thing that I noticed was that I was having a hard time hearing her say certain things. Near the end of our visit, she gently suggested that maybe I should look into getting hearing aids. She had just gotten some herself and was really enjoying them.

She was always the reasonable one of the pair so I took her advice and looked up miracle ear cost. I just bought a pair of hearing aids and e-mailed her with the news.

We’re already planning our next meeting, which is about in a month. We’re also considering taking a weekend trip together to the mountains once the weather cools down.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Growing Family

This picture was taken last year when hubby left for Iraq. I was two months pregnant then and our DD1 was 28 months old. I was somewhat scared then and praying that my pregnancy will not be difficult because DD1 needs me. The first trimester was not as smooth as my first pregnancy but I was very thankful to God that I was able to manage it.

After eleven months, our daddy will be coming home. I am hoping that for his remaining years in service he will not be deployed anymore. He wanted to devote the remaining years before his retirement to finish his degree and prepare for his civilian life. Also, he don't want to miss special moments of our family especially now that our family is growing.

So, from three above, hubby will be welcomed with three girls upon their coming home.

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