Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching up

Guest post written by Caroline Byrne.

It’s funny how meeting up with old friends will make you realize why you were friends in the first place. I had lunch one Saturday with an old college roommate that moved to Madison right after graduation. We had recently gotten back in touch through e-mail and then Facebook after being out of touch for years. It ends up that she had moved back to the state and wanted to meet half-way between the three hours that now separate us to enjoy each other’s company.

We met at an Asian fusion restaurant that is pretty popular and still relatively new. It was so nice to hear about each other’s lives and find out that her niece is now at our alma mater! But one thing that I noticed was that I was having a hard time hearing her say certain things. Near the end of our visit, she gently suggested that maybe I should look into getting hearing aids. She had just gotten some herself and was really enjoying them.

She was always the reasonable one of the pair so I took her advice and looked up miracle ear cost. I just bought a pair of hearing aids and e-mailed her with the news.

We’re already planning our next meeting, which is about in a month. We’re also considering taking a weekend trip together to the mountains once the weather cools down.

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