Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Going Out Minus the Kids

This afternoon my husband took the two older daughters out with him to have emission testing for both our vehicles. Me and the litlle one stayed at home. It was raining and I don't want the little one who already have the runny nose to be out in the rain. When they got back I told hubby I will go out to get something at the store. My friend C will be driving and we'll both go together to the store.

It was my first time to go out without the two kids with me. It felt so weird. Last week I already told my husband I will go out alone but I don't feel comfortable that I did not forego. Only earlier that I was able to be out. If it wasn't raining all of us will go out. As I've said it felt weird walking without the stroller to push and a toddler that I keep minding to. The advantage was I was able to do my shopping abreeze. I did not stay out so long coz I don't want the tiny one to cry too much or go starving.

Before I entered our unit I tried listening if there's a baby crying and I wasn't wrong. I heard her whimpering and when she saw me she burst to crying but hubby danced her around that from time to time she stopped. As soon as I get her from Daddy she was kicking and looking for the milk :-) She is such a darling. One thing I realized though, it is so hard to be away from our kids. Even for such a short time I already miss them very much.

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