Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Times of Emergency

Economic hardships really affect alot of people. I've seen more and more people saying their lives are being changed when the economy went down. We can't deny it that we felt it in our family as well. This is the time that we have to tighten our belts in order to save and prepare for rainy days. I know of some friends that told me they seek the help of payday advance loans in time of emergency. Good thing they give services to people that are in need. I know this is not something like charity but this is helpful when you have unforseen expenses such as medical emergencies.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Is Here!

Around 8:09PM here is the exact start of the fall season according to the weather forecast from our local news station. It's amazing how they point the exact time when season changes. It is one of the wonder of technology and development.

Anyways, I do love fall or autumn season. It is for me the mildest weather. I like the cooler breeze of air during this time of the year as well. We don't have fall weather in the Philippines. When I first saw the leaves changed it colors and then fell on the ground, it was a sight to behold. God's wonder is really an amazing thing to see. I am hoping this fall there won't be too much rain. But nowing here in the northwest wherein 9 out of 12 months we experience the wet days, whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall.

So, what are your plans for this fall? For sure we will be expecting the Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am excited for both since this will our DD2's first. More fun with my two girls. I can't wait!

Slow Metabolism

BoldI once wondered before if my metabolism is slow since I don't loss weight even if I was exercising. I always feel tired and sluggish even if I have enough sleep. Because of it, I asked my husband if it is okay to take fat burners. He said yes but I need to consult a health professional before using anything. I did not take anything though. I was worried that the effect will be worst than my current concern. Good thing now my old self is back. As a matter of fact my weight is now below my pre-pregnancy weight. I hope to maintain it or lower it a little bit. I feel more active now also and I can keep up with all my chores and taking care of our two darling daughters.

Review Product Search

When you are in doubt of something that you wanted to buy and use for yourself, there is the internet to look for answers. I know, because of the many products contradicting each other, deciding for the right one is difficult. One product differs in price, brand, quality, effects, and the likes. Example of these products is the weight loss pills. Many people wanted to loss weight that is why manufacturers are making different products for the consumers. But as consumer, we should not buy right away whatever we saw on commercial tv or print ads. We have to check out the weight loss product reviews before deciding for one. You can find best answer for your question by going to reliable sites; those that give you unbiased answers. The process of decision-making may be long but it is better in order for us to be aware.

Beware of Bride-zilla

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder.

The best wedding themed show by far is "Bridezilla" on the TLC network. I watch it on my satellite TV when there is nothing on our nfl Sunday ticket for the best reception and picture quality. I love crazy some of the brides get when they plan their big day. It really is incredible that some people live this way. I am sure that the producers edit the show to make them appear even worse. Thus, I am sure some girls are really very nice in real life but, on screen they are horrendous! If one thing does not go right then they leave destruction and tears in every single path. No one can escape their wrath and it makes you wonder what sort of man would put up with the crazy psycho? Even more puzzling is what family members or friends stick around after being treated like crap. The bride is hardly ever reprimanded after reminding everyone over and over that this is her big day and that it does not belong to anyone else!

Most of the time, the brides do not even have lavish weddings. Most are simple affairs that have been cavorted into extreme events thanks to the over imagination/ fantasy of the bride. Most of them do not have a whole lot of money to spend so they enlist the help from friends and family to help them out!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Pretty Niece

Wow, I last saw my niece some six years ago. She was still in preschool then. We haven't seen her when we went home for vacation. They live in another province and she's in school.

Now she is almost out of grade school. She have grown so much. I just grabbed her photo in her facebook page. I believe this picture was taken during her birthday last month.

I am so proud of her because she is not only pretty, she is also smart and talented. She maintained being top one in their class since first grade and she can sing too. I hope to see her when we go back to Philippines again for vacation.

New Swimsuit

I just purchased a new swimsuit online. I know fall and winter is fast approaching and you may wonder where will I wear it. But, anyway, I bought it because we are planning to have a vacation soon and I can use it while being there. What I am hoping for right now is for me to lose weight some more so I will be proud to wear it. Though I am not taking any weight loss pills but my weight loss is on track. Honestly, I am not really dieting but the breastfeeding helps a lot in burning the calories. I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight. Just a tad more and I will maintain that exact weight I am aiming. I tried the swimsuit as soon as I got it and it looks good but still the love handles is kind of prominent. I still have a month though for that vacation so I still have time to do my crunch and sit-ups.

Skin Care Problem

My skin is one of my problems ever since in my teenage years. I have this dry scaly skin especially in legs area. I know genetics also attributed to it but I have been looking for products that I can use to at least lessen it. Growing up I don't like wearing shorts that much because I am embarrassed by it. I used different types of body lotion before and some would only work for few months and if I continue using the product the problem recurs. Up to now I am still doing a trial and error when it comes to body lotion.

As I am now past my 30's I still have that problem. In addition to it is looking for products for my face. I am reading to many reviews and I didn't know about vitamin c serum being used in cosmetics products. I maybe out of the beauty world for not knowing it. Anyhow, it is very interesting to be informed about it. But there are also cautions for those who are going to use it. Accordingly, it is not for everybody. It really depends on what works for each of us. But I may look into this c serum it may have a good review to try on to.

I Miss The Philippines

It has been more than a year since I last visited my family back in the Philippines. Even though I talked to them often it is still not enough. We were planning for a vacation this year but I think it is not going to happen since we don't have enough time and hubby is also busy with work. Initially our plan will be this December but it is just too close to prepare everything. So we are looking now for some other time.

What is funny when we got back here from our vacation last year was that hubby was asking me how to lose weight fast. You will really gain weight over there because you will miss the food. My Mom cooked my favorite foods all the time. I am glad my husband is not a picky eater. He also ate whatever my Mom cooked except dried fish. I am pretty sure when we go back there I will gain weight again. It is just impossible to pass up those that I missed eating here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Do

I have been wanting to change my hairstyle or even just my hair color. I have black hair and ever since I haven't used any hair dye to change it color. Until late last month when my step daughter visited us for a week I decided to go to the salon to have my hair done.

I was apprehensive at first thinking it won't look good on me. But I have to try to see if it works or not. The process took longer than I thought. I was in the salon for about four hours. I had my hair done nails and even had my eyebrows waxed.

Now, I can say I am glad I did went to the salon because I like it very much. It does make a huge difference in my looks. Hubby said I look more beautiful and that is the most awaited compliment I want to hear that made the whole thing so worth it.

Fat Burners

Have you tried thermogenic fat burners? I am wondering what it was before. I thought it is a machine that you wrap around your body and burn your fats. So silly of me. According to the website I stumbled upon, this fat burners are very effective weight loss pill. Those that take thermogenic fat burners lost up to twenty pounds in just a month. But as what I believe in and just my humble opinion, that we should check first if what they claim is true. I know there are various ways of checking. Online review results in different search engines can help in looking for its facts. It is very important that we are aware so we will not put our health in jeopardy.

Looking Slimmer

This is what my friend told me after we were not able to see each other for two weeks. I asked her if it's for real because I don't feel it. Maybe because I'm looking at myself in the mirror everyday that I don't notice any changes. But if it is, then I won't be needing weight loss pills that work for myself. I will just continue what I'm doing and for sure I will loss the excess pounds. Combining your household chores, two active little girls, and school definitely can take some weight away. The hectic schedule juggling everything make you physically and mentally active burning calories fast. It is just my deduction though. I am not an expert so to speak. In the end, I am happy with the result and hopefully will maintain this weight or even loss some more later on.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride - was my friends statement to me before I got married. I know when we're young we dream of becoming a bride wearing a white bridal gown walking down the aisle to the altar where the groom awaits. I waited when I was almost thirty to get married. I became bridesmaid of my friends and cousins' weddings. So I have worn quite a few bridesmaid dresses already.

Now that I am married I have not become a matron of honor yet. I may not become one and will directly be one of the principal sponsor for the younger soon to be married couple. This means that I am not getting any younger. On the other note, me and my husband is planning to renew our vow in my home country. Maybe when we reach a decade of being married. We will see. It will all depend on the availability of time and funds. But we can start saving for it from now.

September Birthdays

The month of September is a special month for hubby since it's his birth month. This month also hold a lot of birthdays for our friends. The beginning of the month already have three invitations to which we only went one because the party was also in time and day of hubby's.

Two of my friends here also gave birth earlier this month. Only a day apart from each other actually. I told my friend that when their babies reaches a year old it will be a back to back kiddie birthday party. It's gonna be fun for sure. I like going attending to birthday parties over here. It is not only for Filipino food but most especially the get together, seeing my friends and their families.

Not A Good Thing

I was driving towards the hospital for my daughter's appointment when suddenly a car speeding up and cutting the other vehicle ahead of me. It definitely is not a good thing to do but I don't get why others would still do such a thing. Good thing the driver was fast enough to step on his break and noticed the speeder right away.

If you get into accident your cheap car insurance will no longer be cheap and most of all you wouldn't know the extent of damage you will cause to yourself and to the other motorist. There are laws just about for everything in order to prevent accidents on the road but still law breakers are not threatened by it. They keep doing same mistake and violates rules and regulations. I guess it's human nature but definitely it is a bad thing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Online Schooling

I am so glad that there are online schools you can choose right now to further your education. In my opinion, this is the best way to attain your educational goals especially if you are tied with family and work. Online education is very convenient. A lot of working individuals and even stay at home moms and dads chose to go for online education because of it's flexibility when it comes to schedule. I am a visual learner but I did not have a hard time adjusting to having online classes. Right now, me and my husband are both enrolled in an online classes. We have different online schools but we are supporting each other by managing our time here at home. I am happy that I can still watch my kids while taking classes. We were able to save from day care as well as with gas and clothing. If you are planning of going back to school, check out different online schools. Enroll and make the most of the opportunity to better your life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Service

We went to church this morning and as usual it was a great service. Last Sunday I wasn't able to finish the service because I have to go to the car to pacify our cranky DD2. She was crying and the only thing to console her is to breastfeed her. The feeding room was full so I did not go inside there. This morning when we arrived at the church she was asleep. But as soon as the singing and praising started she woke up and was babbling all along. I took her to the feeding room. This time it was not full.

The Bishop said that this month is a fight for your family month and that everyone should go to their family while the whole church do the prayer. I went back inside the sanctuary and hubby was so glad I did. He said he wanted me beside him while the church do the prayer. The Bishops call for prayer was so moving that alot of of churgoers really cried out loud. You can hear screaming, crying, singing and other type of noise. It was so moving. I never felt like crying so hard until that time. My tears just rolled down my cheeks I can't control it. Our DD1 kept whispering Mommy and wipe my tears in a way. She was in tears too seeing me crying. Me and hubby just hold hands comforting each other.

It was a wonderful feeling letting go of everything you fear and give it all to God. You felt relief as you know that God will be there to answer you and love you even in your inequities. Expressing your true self can help you in accepting your strengths and weaknesses. I am so thankful for every day of our lives that I have my family; my husband, my kids, and my extended family and friends. I am so thankful that God never stop loving us and always so forgiving.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking the Kids to the Movies

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy.

I have two eight year old siblings at home, and when they saw the commercials for Nanny McPhee, they begged to go to the movies to watch it. My attempts at telling them to be patient it will be on DVD soon fail get past the excuse of "Everyone at class is seeing it." I thought it over, and recalled that they have been very good lately, doing their chores and homework without me or my mother nagging them, so I took them to the day show.

We left a bit late, as both forgot where they put their shoes. After setting the homes alarm system, we piled into the car. While driving, we agreed to pick up one candy for each of them at the store, and buy one bag of popcorn at the movies. Boy, they were giddy when we showed up at the ticket door! As we waited in line for popcorn, my younger sister decided she had to go to the bathroom when we were less than two people away from the counter. I begged here to hold it, but that failed. So we went, and had to start all over in line again.

We got into the movie room just as the show was started, and thankfully all setbacks were erased as they loved the movie. I did not enjoy it as much as they did, but it was fun to get out of the house!

Buying a New Car

Last week while we were on our way to the mall we passed by a car dealership. My husband saw a four door Ford SUV for a very reasonable price. He told me what if we trade in his current SUV for that truck and just pay the difference. I told him that if he want my opinion I don't want to get another vehicle because ours is still running great. If ever we want another vehicle we can wait until we have our own place first. I just want to enjoy right now not paying for any monthly financing for vehicle. As long as we maintain well both our vehicle then it still has a long way to go before it will die on us.

So far both our vehicles are in good condition. We just changed some parts recently when hubby tuned it up. We didn't pay much of the parts though. We have it for quiet sometime now and still I am happy with it. My husband's favorite cars are Ferrari and Lamborghini. We were surfing online about these cars and boy he was very interested. He checked out different Ferrari parts and I know even the parts we can't afford. Well, who knows if we won the lotto then he can have his dream car. But for now we just have to put it off and wait til we already can.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

We are pretty much going to be very busy this quarter since we are going back to school again. Hubby is currently taking two classes and I am doing a one year program for Medical Transcription. Although my program is a flexible one but I still have to follow its timeline for me to finish it on time. I heard and read on my school's forum that some of the students extended their program because they were not able to finish it on time. For me I need to finish it or else I will pay back the tuition I am using the MyCAA funds and whatever you agreed for your term you must follow it.

I know I can finish it on time. I just have to manage my time properly. I know having two small kids and running the household is a bit too much if you add school but there are others that also have full time jobs on top of everything. So I know I can do it. With proper management of our time and set aside procrastination, then we can do it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Portable Career

I am very glad that the Department of Defense have a program that helps military spouses in going to back to school. They have the MyCAA program that help pay tuition and credentialing, licensing, certification fees. They wanted to help the spouses get a portable career. The military moves a lot from duty station to another. Right now I am taking advantage of this opportunity. I am aiming to focus on looking for healthcare jobs in the future. Right now I am taking the certification program of Medical Transcription. It is one of the portable careers that spouses can take using the MyCAA funds. If you are a military spouse and you want to better yourself, check this program and see if you qualify. It is best to be aware and make use of the opportunity that is out there to improve our quality of life.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall In Love

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes. Thank you.

My best friend Lauren and I absolutely love our chick flicks. Almost a new one comes out every week and we go and see it. It truly is roommate bonding time for the both of us as we swoon over the male lead in the film and wish we were the woman he was pursuing. Every Sunday night we set the security system and ADT carbon monoxide detector on our house and head down to the theater in the next town. We choose to go on Sunday nights because they are far less busy than Saturdays and Fridays.

We purchase our tickets and we always sit in the front row. Although it may cause a bit of a neck ache after the film we have found that the closer you sit the more real the picture becomes. If you sit somewhere in the middle or the back of theater you get caught up with what is happening around you. Girls are usually crying and guys are usually rolling their eyes. Kids are very impatient and someone always seems to be throwing popcorn. Sitting in the front eliminates or at least reduces the little aspects of life that pull you out of the movies. Lauren and I go to the movies so we can fall in love all over again.

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