Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

We are pretty much going to be very busy this quarter since we are going back to school again. Hubby is currently taking two classes and I am doing a one year program for Medical Transcription. Although my program is a flexible one but I still have to follow its timeline for me to finish it on time. I heard and read on my school's forum that some of the students extended their program because they were not able to finish it on time. For me I need to finish it or else I will pay back the tuition I am using the MyCAA funds and whatever you agreed for your term you must follow it.

I know I can finish it on time. I just have to manage my time properly. I know having two small kids and running the household is a bit too much if you add school but there are others that also have full time jobs on top of everything. So I know I can do it. With proper management of our time and set aside procrastination, then we can do it.

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