Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buying a New Car

Last week while we were on our way to the mall we passed by a car dealership. My husband saw a four door Ford SUV for a very reasonable price. He told me what if we trade in his current SUV for that truck and just pay the difference. I told him that if he want my opinion I don't want to get another vehicle because ours is still running great. If ever we want another vehicle we can wait until we have our own place first. I just want to enjoy right now not paying for any monthly financing for vehicle. As long as we maintain well both our vehicle then it still has a long way to go before it will die on us.

So far both our vehicles are in good condition. We just changed some parts recently when hubby tuned it up. We didn't pay much of the parts though. We have it for quiet sometime now and still I am happy with it. My husband's favorite cars are Ferrari and Lamborghini. We were surfing online about these cars and boy he was very interested. He checked out different Ferrari parts and I know even the parts we can't afford. Well, who knows if we won the lotto then he can have his dream car. But for now we just have to put it off and wait til we already can.

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