Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Is Here!

Around 8:09PM here is the exact start of the fall season according to the weather forecast from our local news station. It's amazing how they point the exact time when season changes. It is one of the wonder of technology and development.

Anyways, I do love fall or autumn season. It is for me the mildest weather. I like the cooler breeze of air during this time of the year as well. We don't have fall weather in the Philippines. When I first saw the leaves changed it colors and then fell on the ground, it was a sight to behold. God's wonder is really an amazing thing to see. I am hoping this fall there won't be too much rain. But nowing here in the northwest wherein 9 out of 12 months we experience the wet days, whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall.

So, what are your plans for this fall? For sure we will be expecting the Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am excited for both since this will our DD2's first. More fun with my two girls. I can't wait!

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