Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Swimsuit

I just purchased a new swimsuit online. I know fall and winter is fast approaching and you may wonder where will I wear it. But, anyway, I bought it because we are planning to have a vacation soon and I can use it while being there. What I am hoping for right now is for me to lose weight some more so I will be proud to wear it. Though I am not taking any weight loss pills but my weight loss is on track. Honestly, I am not really dieting but the breastfeeding helps a lot in burning the calories. I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight. Just a tad more and I will maintain that exact weight I am aiming. I tried the swimsuit as soon as I got it and it looks good but still the love handles is kind of prominent. I still have a month though for that vacation so I still have time to do my crunch and sit-ups.

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