Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skin Care Problem

My skin is one of my problems ever since in my teenage years. I have this dry scaly skin especially in legs area. I know genetics also attributed to it but I have been looking for products that I can use to at least lessen it. Growing up I don't like wearing shorts that much because I am embarrassed by it. I used different types of body lotion before and some would only work for few months and if I continue using the product the problem recurs. Up to now I am still doing a trial and error when it comes to body lotion.

As I am now past my 30's I still have that problem. In addition to it is looking for products for my face. I am reading to many reviews and I didn't know about vitamin c serum being used in cosmetics products. I maybe out of the beauty world for not knowing it. Anyhow, it is very interesting to be informed about it. But there are also cautions for those who are going to use it. Accordingly, it is not for everybody. It really depends on what works for each of us. But I may look into this c serum it may have a good review to try on to.

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