Sunday, October 31, 2010

Old Pix

Facebook is really fun. One of my friends back in the Philippines posted this picture of us. I forgot what was the occasion but it was for sure one of the activities Junior Jaycees of our town was hosting.

I remember that we hold a lot of activities, like charity works, fund raising. I kind of miss those stuffs. It was a great thing young professional organizations like what we had join together and do noble cause for the community.

If I have ample time here and free day I would really go out and volunteer. I did volunteered for American Red Cross back in Ft. Benning when I didn't have kids yet. Maybe when they are older I can bring them to some community activities and volunteer.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter Clothing

We recently went winter clothing shopping. I am a sucker for sales and we were so glad we were able to get good deals. Hubby's stuffs costs more than ours and the kids. I felt that I need to change his whole wardrobe. I told him that he can wear cardigans for casual attire especially when going to church instead of always wearing two or three piece suits. He gave me a nod already when I told him about changing his way of dressing up.

I was browsing online and saw coogi clothing so appealing. I bet he will like it as well. The styles are like the ones that we just bought recently. He said he needs couple of cardigans and sweaters. I will show him what I found and see if he will approve of it. It is fun dressing him up. I am like his personal stylist since we are together.

Weight Problem

I wouldn't say that I have a very serious weight problem but within our genes is a precursor of getting overweight after a period of time from giving birth. Our mother gained weight as years passed as well as my older sisters who had children. I now have two kids and I am so sure that if I will not watch out what I am eating I am also a candidate to become overweight.

Sometimes it is depressing because you can't just eat what you want and how much you want because of the fear to balloon sideways. Then as you gain more weight there are health issues that goes with it. I know this is genetic for us so I don't have any choice but have to deal with it. This is why I like to research more about obesity and weight loss in order for me to be aware.

With my research over the internet, I found a lot of interesting information. There is a plant where an active ingredient of weight loss pills, hoodia, that is very effective came from and this is called hoodia gordonii plant from Africa. This kind of information is very interesting to know.

I am glad that there is the internet where information about anything is so accessible right at our fingertips. This greatly helps in my quest to learn more about just anything including weight problem.

Trunk or Treat

Our friend invited us to go with them trunk or treating at their church's parking lot. I wasn't sure of it if we go since it was raining but our DD1 was so persistent she wanted to go. So we went with them and put on our costumes too.

It was my first time to wear a costume during Halloween. Last year I did not bother because I was pregnant. I wasn't thinking of getting a costume but DD1 said to me while we bought hers that the Empress costume was beautiful for Mommy so I decided to get it and told her we can wear it together while trick or treating.

We both enjoyed the event but one disaster happened that I wasn't able to go around the parking lot for the trunk or treat. I accidentally locked my car while it was still running. We don't have spare key so I ended up calling road side assistance. All in all I am still glad we went because it made our daughter happy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Present for My Husband...And Me

Guest post written by Carol Purvis

The other day I purchased a brand new GPS device as a retirement present for my husband. We always talked about how once he retires, we are going to visit all the states in the U.S. The device was a not-so-subtle reminder to him that I actually plan on going through with itÑha! WeÕve always wanted to do something like that, and we are finally going to get the chance here shortly. I absolutely can not wait!

I knew a GPS would be the perfect gift because they really are incredible, and will get you out of any pickle on the road. I have a GPS application on my phone, which alone has helped me tremendously. I can only imagine how helpful a GPS that attaches to your windshield could be. We could find just about any destination in America! The other week I used my little GPS to find a hearing test in new york without a problem. If youÕve been to new york city, you know that driving around isnÕt easy, and this device helped me get there easily. I am confident that my gift for Seth can help us get anywhere.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hectic Schedule

The coming days will be very hectic for all of us here at home. I will be starting to work out of home part-time and juggle with it taking care of the household and kids as well as attending to our online classes. I am very excited to work again but apprehensive if we can take care of everything without stress. I am thinking our situation will become the best slimming pill for me in the days ahead. I know this will be physically and mentally draining. Me and my husband is now trying to make a time management plan in order for us to attend to our respective tasks as smoothly as possible. Taking care of small kids and attending classes and working is really a stressful undertaking but we need to work it out because this is for our future. I am just praying that we can go through everything that we have and it will work out for the best of our family.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Very Sad News

I received a very sad news yesterday from sister. Our Mom was rushed to the hospital after suffering a major stroke. Right now she is still in the ICU. She is responding very well now though half of her body is still not responding very well. I do pray for her fast recovery. I know God will answer our prayers and we are keeping our faith in Him.

As my sister narrated, they were at our local elementary school to vote since it was the barangay election in the Philippines. After she voted the teacher put an indelible ink on her finger she passed out. Some people tried to do emergency resuscitation on her but she just went to sleep and was snoring. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and was given medication. She was stabilized first and then brought to a bigger hospital in another city.

Being so far from them gives me a frustrating feeling. In times like this I wish I am there by her side. I can't do anything but just pray and hope for the best. I know my parents are not getting any younger. I wish too that it is easy to go back home but there are so many things to consider. Although right now me and my husband is thinking of going to the Philippines but we need to have our baby girl's passport done. Right now I am always waiting for update from my sisters.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Parents Joint Problems

I know when we get older we also start to feel and suffer different illnesses. We may have the simple illness or acute ones but I know somehow we get the old age sufferings. Speaking of which, my parents are complaining of different health issues. One of their complaints is the joint pain. I think they have been complaining about it ever since can remember. I was once looking for an msm dietary supplement for both my parents in order for them to get alleviation from what they are feeling. They are not getting any younger and they need dietary supplement to keep them going aside from eating healthy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blessed with PR

There are so many things to be thankful for in our life; may it be big or small. In my personal life, I can't thank God enough for all the blessings. One of the things that I am grateful for is having a page rank for my blogs. It has been a while that I enjoy a PR for my blogs and I am so glad I have it right now. I am thinking of submitting my blogs to free directory to increase visitors to my sites. I am not savvy on how to target it but I hope I will be able to pull it. Right now I am visiting free directory websites and check out more information about it. I hope also that my PR will stay longer.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Achieving My Weight Loss Goal with The Biggest Loser

Author: Jonathan Suarez.

I love to sit down and watch The Biggest Loser as it helps to keep me motivated in my quest to drop some extra pounds. Often I am not home when it first comes on, but thankfully I have satellite TV from so I can catch it when it is shown on the West Coast. I am no more than twenty pounds overweight at any time and know I can lose it thanks to the participants on this reality show. If they can drop a hundred pounds or more, I can easily lose these last twenty.

There is so much more I learn from this show though. Not only does The Biggest Loser show me how to drop the pounds, it also talks about why people gain weight. Listening to the participants talk about when they eat and why has made me to stop to consider my eating habits. I always said I ate when I was stressed, but I have now learned that I also do it when I am bored. Thanks to this realization, I now stop before snacking to ask why I want the food. This has helped considerably in my weight loss quest. Not only will I watch The Biggest Loser until these twenty pounds are gone, I plan on watching it until it goes off the air. Once I lose the pounds, I don't want them to come back.

I'm So Blessed

It's been three years since I stopped working. I wanted to go back to the workforce when our DD1 was a year old but because of our situation I wasn't able to. When I was ready to go back to work then I got pregnant with our DD2 and came hubby's deployment.

Now that hubby is back and he will not be deployed for another year or two, we decided that I will go back to work. I applied for a seasonal job and by God's grace I got hired. I will start training this coming week. I was told during my interview that even though I only applied as a seasonal worker, if the position is still available and my performance is good, I can be retained to become a regular employee.

I am so thankful to God and the people that hired me. This will be my first job here in this state and I am very excited. I am working as part time only and my schedule will be more on weekends and evening time. I know me and hubby can work out with our schedule and in taking care of our two wonderful girls.

We Are Not Getting Any Younger

It was very funny the other day when I heard my husband blurting out loudly saying, "Oh no! I got gray hair already!" It made me laugh looking at his face like it is going to be the end of the world. I know some people are dreading the thought of having gray hair or even forehead wrinkles. All of us will reach that stage and it is natural. I know we are not getting any younger and evidence of aging is slowly coming out and become visible. I am not scared of growing old. I welcome it with all mt heart because it is the way it is. We can use a lot of stuff to prevent aging but still it will come to show. We have different ways of dealing with it but for me the most important thing is I also become wiser as I mature and grow old.

I Gained Weight

Before my husband arrived from deployment my weight was already under my pre-pregnancy weight. I really didn't work hard for it nor use the most effective weight loss diet pills but I was losing weight quiet well naturally. When hubby arrived, I cook everyday and we also eat out or get take outs. I scaled myself and true enough it went back up. My big problem is the tummy area where I have loose skin from being pregnant. It sure is hard to tighten up. It may take me years or maybe forever it will be a little sag. So, me and hubby is determined to do exercise daily and make sure we are doing it by reminding each other. I am glad with our set up and it keep us both in check. What we are doing is not only for us to look good but also to keep us fit and healthy for ourselves and for our kids.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blues Clues at Halloween

Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell.
The favorite seasonal Halloween program for my little tots is the Blues Clues special called "Blue's Big Costume Party." We saw it the last two years in a row and hope to see it again this year on satellite tv. Blue is a dog that belongs to Steve and they follow clues each episode to find out something that Blue wants to do or say or sing or whatever.
In this super cute Halloween episode all of Blues friends are dressed up in costumes for Halloween and you get to follow the clues to figure out what everyone is dressed as. This show really helps kids with problem solving skills as it asks them to solve riddles and puzzles throughout the program.
My kids love the songs. Their favorites are the opening song and the mail time song. My kids used to always sing the mail song whenever we would go to the post office, which always got the postal workers laughing.
Halloween just wouldn't be the same with out our favorite Blues Clues episode.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mt. Ranier Escapade

Yesterday we decided to drive going to Mt. Ranier National Park, it is the famous mountain here in the Northwest. We've been there once in 2oo8 and haven't been back until yesterday. It was a nice day but we drove up kind of late so we were not able to walk towards the highest area of the park.

It was a sight to behold once you're at the top. There are log cabins or inns that you can stay in for the night but they are not open all the time. At Longmire, 6 miles from the park entrance, there are cabins to rent, service area, museum and restaurant. We may go back there again sometime. Maybe spring time or early summer when it's not that cold :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Additional Security

Our DD2 is now six months old and I need to check my child-proofing again. She is learning to grab things, she is already rolling over and long before we know it, she can already crawl and open cabinet doors, drawers and the likes. I also have to make sure the door hinges of the lower cabinets are sturdy enough not to fall off when she starts banging it. I already bought safety locks to install although most of the lower drawers still have safety locks from my child-proofing for our DD1. The big thing for me now is to always clean or vacuum the carpet since she is learning to crawl and sit by herself.

Portable Flash Drive

I will be needing new flash drive to store some of the files that I needed to bring when we go for a short vacation next week. I have lots of Adobe files for my readings as well as exercises that needs to be finished in two weeks. Hubby already planned out how he's going to divide his time to finish his assignments. Actually, he already started early this week. I am so slacking so I have to double my time now to at least have a stress free vacation. An assignment and readings will surely add to the stress if I will not have a plan of attack. Good thing we have this technology now that we can use to help us in managing our time as well as bring electronic files anywhere we go.

Rising Career

I was reading career news online last week and it was said that accounting finance jobs is one of the careers or jobs that is on the rise. It also pays a hefty amount once you have the proper credential or a certified accountant. My good friend who decided to go back to college is right now taking business program majoring in accounting. She is on the mark with it and I know she will be successful. I like to study accounting but I am more inclined with medical field than business. My older sister has accounting and finance degree. After working in a big company for more than 20 years, she decided to retire and now managing their own business. At least, this career you can use any way you want.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wow! October came by really quick, huh! I say it will be an uber-October because we are kinda full in schedule this month. There are just too many events and going-ons. There's doctor's appointments for the little one, school activities for our preschooler, Daddy's uncasing ceremony and then block leave, we have our online classes, and during Daddy's leave we have the planned vacation.

I am hoping though that hubby's block leave will be able us to recharge even though we have a lot of things to do. One thing is good though, that it will make the days go by faster because of busyness. With our vacation plan, we have actually two. If plan A will not work out, then we proceed with the plan B. Whichever plan we take on, it will surely be fun.

Boost Your Immune System

As we know that when the weather starts to get cooler, it is also time for flu shot. Honestly, I haven't had any flu shots ever since I came here in the US. Just the thought of injecting a live virus to my body in order for me to get protected is somewhat scary. But in God's grace, I am okay and haven't been sick during cold season. What I do is take multivitamins to boost my immune system, exercise, good rest and sleep, and eat healthy. I believe that when you have a healthy living you will unlikely to get sick. I may be lucky or what but still I will not get flu shots this winter. I just hope and pray that I will be safe and healthy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spa Day

My husband and two daughter got cough and colds. I am glad I have strong resistance to disease, thanks God, that I am the last one standing without it. I am really trying my best to eat right, exercise, and sleep good to boost my immune system. I drink plenty of water in a day too. Even at night time when I am feeding the little one I made sure I have water beside me. There are nights that my sleep is like those of a chicken. It is off and on since I am taking care of my sick babies. I was even thinking of dipping in a spa and have a full body massage to relax my body. I went to the pool area of our complex to check out the spa/jacuzzi and I saw the spa cover was on meaning nobody is using it. It could hav been perfect just to dip in a bubbling water but the weather was kinda cold. Next weekend when it is sunny I may have to check it out again.
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