Friday, October 22, 2010

Achieving My Weight Loss Goal with The Biggest Loser

Author: Jonathan Suarez.

I love to sit down and watch The Biggest Loser as it helps to keep me motivated in my quest to drop some extra pounds. Often I am not home when it first comes on, but thankfully I have satellite TV from so I can catch it when it is shown on the West Coast. I am no more than twenty pounds overweight at any time and know I can lose it thanks to the participants on this reality show. If they can drop a hundred pounds or more, I can easily lose these last twenty.

There is so much more I learn from this show though. Not only does The Biggest Loser show me how to drop the pounds, it also talks about why people gain weight. Listening to the participants talk about when they eat and why has made me to stop to consider my eating habits. I always said I ate when I was stressed, but I have now learned that I also do it when I am bored. Thanks to this realization, I now stop before snacking to ask why I want the food. This has helped considerably in my weight loss quest. Not only will I watch The Biggest Loser until these twenty pounds are gone, I plan on watching it until it goes off the air. Once I lose the pounds, I don't want them to come back.

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