Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blues Clues at Halloween

Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell.
The favorite seasonal Halloween program for my little tots is the Blues Clues special called "Blue's Big Costume Party." We saw it the last two years in a row and hope to see it again this year on satellite tv. Blue is a dog that belongs to Steve and they follow clues each episode to find out something that Blue wants to do or say or sing or whatever.
In this super cute Halloween episode all of Blues friends are dressed up in costumes for Halloween and you get to follow the clues to figure out what everyone is dressed as. This show really helps kids with problem solving skills as it asks them to solve riddles and puzzles throughout the program.
My kids love the songs. Their favorites are the opening song and the mail time song. My kids used to always sing the mail song whenever we would go to the post office, which always got the postal workers laughing.
Halloween just wouldn't be the same with out our favorite Blues Clues episode.

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