Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hectic Schedule

The coming days will be very hectic for all of us here at home. I will be starting to work out of home part-time and juggle with it taking care of the household and kids as well as attending to our online classes. I am very excited to work again but apprehensive if we can take care of everything without stress. I am thinking our situation will become the best slimming pill for me in the days ahead. I know this will be physically and mentally draining. Me and my husband is now trying to make a time management plan in order for us to attend to our respective tasks as smoothly as possible. Taking care of small kids and attending classes and working is really a stressful undertaking but we need to work it out because this is for our future. I am just praying that we can go through everything that we have and it will work out for the best of our family.

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