Friday, October 22, 2010

I Gained Weight

Before my husband arrived from deployment my weight was already under my pre-pregnancy weight. I really didn't work hard for it nor use the most effective weight loss diet pills but I was losing weight quiet well naturally. When hubby arrived, I cook everyday and we also eat out or get take outs. I scaled myself and true enough it went back up. My big problem is the tummy area where I have loose skin from being pregnant. It sure is hard to tighten up. It may take me years or maybe forever it will be a little sag. So, me and hubby is determined to do exercise daily and make sure we are doing it by reminding each other. I am glad with our set up and it keep us both in check. What we are doing is not only for us to look good but also to keep us fit and healthy for ourselves and for our kids.

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