Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mt. Ranier Escapade

Yesterday we decided to drive going to Mt. Ranier National Park, it is the famous mountain here in the Northwest. We've been there once in 2oo8 and haven't been back until yesterday. It was a nice day but we drove up kind of late so we were not able to walk towards the highest area of the park.

It was a sight to behold once you're at the top. There are log cabins or inns that you can stay in for the night but they are not open all the time. At Longmire, 6 miles from the park entrance, there are cabins to rent, service area, museum and restaurant. We may go back there again sometime. Maybe spring time or early summer when it's not that cold :-)

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juliet said...

Hello! I've got an award for you on my blog, All Things Juliet. Hope you'll accept it when you have the chance. Thanks!

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