Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Present for My Husband...And Me

Guest post written by Carol Purvis

The other day I purchased a brand new GPS device as a retirement present for my husband. We always talked about how once he retires, we are going to visit all the states in the U.S. The device was a not-so-subtle reminder to him that I actually plan on going through with itÑha! WeÕve always wanted to do something like that, and we are finally going to get the chance here shortly. I absolutely can not wait!

I knew a GPS would be the perfect gift because they really are incredible, and will get you out of any pickle on the road. I have a GPS application on my phone, which alone has helped me tremendously. I can only imagine how helpful a GPS that attaches to your windshield could be. We could find just about any destination in America! The other week I used my little GPS to find a hearing test in new york without a problem. If youÕve been to new york city, you know that driving around isnÕt easy, and this device helped me get there easily. I am confident that my gift for Seth can help us get anywhere.

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