Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spa Day

My husband and two daughter got cough and colds. I am glad I have strong resistance to disease, thanks God, that I am the last one standing without it. I am really trying my best to eat right, exercise, and sleep good to boost my immune system. I drink plenty of water in a day too. Even at night time when I am feeding the little one I made sure I have water beside me. There are nights that my sleep is like those of a chicken. It is off and on since I am taking care of my sick babies. I was even thinking of dipping in a spa and have a full body massage to relax my body. I went to the pool area of our complex to check out the spa/jacuzzi and I saw the spa cover was on meaning nobody is using it. It could hav been perfect just to dip in a bubbling water but the weather was kinda cold. Next weekend when it is sunny I may have to check it out again.

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