Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Our friend invited us to go with them trunk or treating at their church's parking lot. I wasn't sure of it if we go since it was raining but our DD1 was so persistent she wanted to go. So we went with them and put on our costumes too.

It was my first time to wear a costume during Halloween. Last year I did not bother because I was pregnant. I wasn't thinking of getting a costume but DD1 said to me while we bought hers that the Empress costume was beautiful for Mommy so I decided to get it and told her we can wear it together while trick or treating.

We both enjoyed the event but one disaster happened that I wasn't able to go around the parking lot for the trunk or treat. I accidentally locked my car while it was still running. We don't have spare key so I ended up calling road side assistance. All in all I am still glad we went because it made our daughter happy.

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