Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Very Sad News

I received a very sad news yesterday from sister. Our Mom was rushed to the hospital after suffering a major stroke. Right now she is still in the ICU. She is responding very well now though half of her body is still not responding very well. I do pray for her fast recovery. I know God will answer our prayers and we are keeping our faith in Him.

As my sister narrated, they were at our local elementary school to vote since it was the barangay election in the Philippines. After she voted the teacher put an indelible ink on her finger she passed out. Some people tried to do emergency resuscitation on her but she just went to sleep and was snoring. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and was given medication. She was stabilized first and then brought to a bigger hospital in another city.

Being so far from them gives me a frustrating feeling. In times like this I wish I am there by her side. I can't do anything but just pray and hope for the best. I know my parents are not getting any younger. I wish too that it is easy to go back home but there are so many things to consider. Although right now me and my husband is thinking of going to the Philippines but we need to have our baby girl's passport done. Right now I am always waiting for update from my sisters.

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