Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weight Problem

I wouldn't say that I have a very serious weight problem but within our genes is a precursor of getting overweight after a period of time from giving birth. Our mother gained weight as years passed as well as my older sisters who had children. I now have two kids and I am so sure that if I will not watch out what I am eating I am also a candidate to become overweight.

Sometimes it is depressing because you can't just eat what you want and how much you want because of the fear to balloon sideways. Then as you gain more weight there are health issues that goes with it. I know this is genetic for us so I don't have any choice but have to deal with it. This is why I like to research more about obesity and weight loss in order for me to be aware.

With my research over the internet, I found a lot of interesting information. There is a plant where an active ingredient of weight loss pills, hoodia, that is very effective came from and this is called hoodia gordonii plant from Africa. This kind of information is very interesting to know.

I am glad that there is the internet where information about anything is so accessible right at our fingertips. This greatly helps in my quest to learn more about just anything including weight problem.

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