Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter Clothing

We recently went winter clothing shopping. I am a sucker for sales and we were so glad we were able to get good deals. Hubby's stuffs costs more than ours and the kids. I felt that I need to change his whole wardrobe. I told him that he can wear cardigans for casual attire especially when going to church instead of always wearing two or three piece suits. He gave me a nod already when I told him about changing his way of dressing up.

I was browsing online and saw coogi clothing so appealing. I bet he will like it as well. The styles are like the ones that we just bought recently. He said he needs couple of cardigans and sweaters. I will show him what I found and see if he will approve of it. It is fun dressing him up. I am like his personal stylist since we are together.

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