Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Acne

Babies go through a stage where they will have some rashes in their face as well as what we they call baby acne. When I had my first born I wasn't that comfortable looking at my baby with these small rashes and acne in her face that I asked my husband to bring her to the hospital for check up. When we did the appointment I asked the pediatrician if there is an acne solutions that work for her acne. The doctor told me that it will go away and heal itself. True enough I did not apply anything to it and it just faded away.

I learned my lesson the first time that when we had our second baby I did not panicked when she had the same during the first few weeks of life. I know that it is only temporary and it will fade away. Right now I noticed some small rashes on her forehead and I am not worried since I know it will fade away as well. Last month she had some on her cheeks and I did not do anything with it then it went away. I only wash her face with lukewarm water. When I bathe her I will only wipe her face with the lukewarm towel and sometimes with a little of baby bath soap. Their skin is just so sensitive that regular soap is not advisable to use.

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