Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Experience

Well, this is my experience as a retail worker not a shopper during black Friday. I was at work at 4pm and the store I am working with opened up at 5pm. When I got to my workplace I was shocked to see the very long line and there were tents outside too. I believe they were camping there since earlier of the week.

The management offered coffee to shoppers also outside and some of my co-workers were handing coffee to those who wanted it. It was pretty systematic too because when the door opened I didn't really see people rushing in. There were police officers also at the door and outside the store standing by.

I was at the front lane and the check out line was very long but we were pretty much fast in checking people out. I wasn't really sure about the situation at the sales floor but with us in the front lane there wasn't any issue at all.

I heard and seen on the news wherein some stores had problem with customers rushing inside and customers got hurt. I am not sure if I will do black Friday shopping. I know you can really score on some door busters but I just don't wanna get hurt while going in with the crowd once store doors opened.

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