Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas is Here

Well, not literally that Christmas is here since we have to celebrate Thanksgiving first. Why I said it's here is because we decided to put up our christmas decorations this early. Hubby had our tree up yesterday and before I went to work we decorated the tree. Both him and our preschooler finish decorating since I have to leave for work.

Usually we will have it up after Thanksgiving but he already cleaned up our storage and took out the decors. I don't want him to put it back so we have it up now so early. Our older daughter love the idea of having the Christmas stuff up already. She helped out her Daddy hanging the ornaments.

When I got home from work the tree looked gorgeous already. The kids were already asleep. This morning when our eldest woke up she went to our bedroom. She then told me she broke some ornaments and she's sorry. According to hubby she was banging the ornaments like cymbals and it got broken. Good thing she's not hurt. Only her feelings since Daddy put her in a short time out.

I am glad though that we already started decorating for Christmas. Now we will just have to do a little shopping for gifts to wrap and put under the tree.

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