Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday Night Ritual

Guest post of the week by Hal Hughes.

Every Friday night me and the family have a ritual. We go to the theater and see the second or third movie on the marquee, whichever has the most vowels. It matters not what that movie is, since we are all lovers of cinema, even the bad kind, and knowing in advance what you want to watch simply ruins the surprise. Of course, some times the surprise is extra gory, as the violence in movies has been amped up recently beyond anything I could ever imagine in my wildest nightmares. And the kids will be having plenty of them, nightmares, as they watch gore movie after gore movie thanks to our randomizing system.

One day the kids were so fraught with consternation that I had to apply a sedative to their veins, the ones I steal from the hospital where I work. That did the trick, and even induced a bit of memory loss, which was good because the memories they accumulated were enough to ruin their fragile minds. The next morning we ate delicious pancakes and planned our next Friday night. The theater experience is really something that has brought our whole family together. Of course, as we live in a shoddy neighborhood and leave at the same time every Friday, I always make sure to set the inhomesecurity home security alarm before we leave the house.

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