Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Longest Power Outage

Ever since I came here in the US I haven't experience a power outage that will last for an hour until last night. The evening started with rain and not so strong winds. When hubby came home from work around 6pm I asked him if it's still raining. He said it was raining. After we had dinner I noticed our light flickers. Hubby said he has a feeling that power will be out. Then it went off for a couple of seconds and came back on. It went on and off for a few times until around passed 9:30pm when it went off and didn't came back on.

We constantly check outside and the wind was blowing so strongly you can hear its sound and creaking of trees. It was scary to look at. I know by then that the power company will have their plate full fixing damage power lines. True enough the power outage went until the morning. I wasn't able to cook breakfast nor heat anything. Good thing we have hot and cold tap water. I submerged our daughter's food jar in a hot water to warm it while me and DD1 had cereal with milk. At lunch time hubby bought us hot lunch and brought hot water for the little one's warm milk. It was so thoughtful of him to do it for us.

So far, it was the longest power outage I experienced here in the US. I thought I have to discard our food in the freezer if the light did not come on today. Now I need to replenish our emergency supply that we used up last night, like batteries and stuff.

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