Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Baby is Growing Fast

Our little one is growing so fast. I think that's how babies are; they grow fast like a weed. I am really cherishing each moment with our girls.Paying attention to their every development for when the day passed you can no longer bring back the time.

It seemed like I gave birth yesterday but our DD2 is now seven months old. Five more months and she will turn a year old. It will be a great milestone for her having reached a year in existence. I can't wait for the day but also be missing the times when she's just a tiny little baby.

Right now I am already thinking of what will be the theme on her first birthday. I will surely be needing 1st birthday invitations to give out to friends. For our oldest girl we haven't given her a birthday party on her 1st birthday but we made it up on her third. We were moving when she turned one year old. Hopefully for our second daughter we can give her a nice birthday celebration when turn one.

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