Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

Have you decided what to give for your loved ones this Christmas? I have the tendency to procrastinate in buying stuff. I always told myself to start planning early but I ended up doing it in an eleventh hour. My husband was telling me she may have to go with the crowd on black Friday because of one item he's eying of getting for one of the kids. This will be our dilemma now because I have to work early and I don't want him to drag the kids out that early.

Anyways, one cute stocking stuffer I am thinking of getting are custom usb drives for our students. We have four students and I am pretty sure they can use it with their school research or whatever they can use it to. It will be handy in transferring their files from one computer to another. I hope I still have time to order it. It is really a neat idea.

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