Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Traditional Country Fair

Contribution by Johnny Avila.

My missus loves the country fair, it's a chance for her to sell the jams and preservatives that she has been making for the last few months from the fruit in our own garden, all the jars traditionally topped with pieces of white cloth tied and with thin string, all sold from authentic looking wicker baskets, typical country style.

This year, I really wanted to go to the country fair, there was to be a pie eating contest, and this year, we were going to win, not me, my 13 year old son, he is skinny, but he could eat alot, like a little Desperate Dan. The missus walked around selling her jam to locals and tourists, whilst I watched over a sheep dog, guiding the sheep perfectly into a temporary pen. I bought a raffle ticket to win a free lunch for two at the local pub, I didn't win, but the pubs landlords daughter did, strange that.

The day continued at a lovely slow pace, the missus sold all but two of her jams, my son came second in the pie eating contest, and I had bought a thimble, with a picture of a church on it, for my mum. And now the day is over, I can go home to relax in front of the television set, and watch some expertsatellite tv.

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