Monday, November 8, 2010


God's creation is just amazing. You can revel the marvels and beauties of nature and every time it is just breath-taking.

Early last month we decided to drive around our area and its neighboring places. We then drove to the famous Mt. Ranier since it was a not so cold day. On our way there, we drove to this road where the trees are all aligned on both sides of the road. When you look beyond the horizon you will picture out the V-shape canopy of trees seemed like to point to the end but as you drive through it is endless. I then took my camera and click a random picture. I only have a 7.1 mega pixel point-and-shoot camera but I think it still looks lovely.

I really like to look at picturesque views and it give you some sort of pleasure. It's kind of relaxing and make you weave a dream.

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