Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Work Update

Now that I'm back working I feel like I need to go fast every time. It's not really easy but so far we are handling it well. I like the idea of having productive time rather than just moping at home when I feel frustrated because I am not working.

At any rate, this time the challenge of going to work outside home is tough for me. I am not used to driving in the snow. The past days until now we have a very low temperature here and even had snow storm due to this arctic blast. We are expecting a very nasty winter.

I went to work last night and I was driving very slow because of the icy road condition. I even asked my husband to drop me off but I don't want him to drag the kids in a chilly evening when picking me up. So I braved it and thankfully I got to my job place fine.

I got off at 10pm and boy my car was frozen I had a hard time opening it. I stayed in the parking lot for few minutes to defrost my windshields. The road became so slippery because of the frozen snow on the ground. I don't have a traction tire so I was driving very slow. Good thing my job is only 3-5 min away from home. I hope the weather gets better because I will be working very early on black Friday.

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