Saturday, December 25, 2010


Wishing you all a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!!

Insurance Company

There are many debates about insurance companies do not offer full coverage of health benefits for people with pre-existing conditions. I even heard on the news about certain patient whose medications were not covered for various reasons. This is why, according to financial experts, you really need to shop for insurance companies that will suit your needs and gives you the bang for your back. I heard goodness about Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage insurance. I have a friend that lives down south and have this insurance and so far they are happy with it. I know when my husband will be out of the military we need to look into additional or secondary insurance. Hopefully we can find one that will give us peace of mind in the future.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decking the Halls

Contribution by Paula Gonzales.

The Christmas decorating process is one of my very favorites of the year. There are few things that take so much work that are so much fun for the whole family. My entire family looks forward to this project of togetherness and is on constant alert during the Christmas season for more decorations to add to our household collection. We keep decorations from at least five to ten years in the past, depending on the condition of the decorations.

Everything begins with the Christmas tree. It's the cornerstone of our decorating process and something that we take great pride in. Every year there are dozens of new ornaments added to the old collection. Each one is something that means a great deal to all of us as a family. After the decorating is done, we all know that we're going to look forward to a long evening of watching TV by Direct and all its many Christmas shows. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year for all of us.

As we've grown closer as a family, the decorating for the holidays procedure has become more and more important to all of us. We're a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more ready to have fun together as we make our house a home and welcome in the Christmas holiday season.


One thing that really frustrate me is when I am talking on the phone then suddenly it cut me off because of signal or just simply the phone is acting up. And yes I always get this frustration lately when I am using our home phone. We have this phone for three years now and the battery dies easily and when I am on the phone the other line always complain about me cutting off.

Now one of my list to have for next year is to get replacement for our home phone units. I am browsing and reading cordless phone reviews so far panasonic has great reviews. I am looking at least two handless sets, one for the living room and an extension in our room. I can't wait for a new one so I can talk over the phone without interruptions.

Preparing for Christmas

We have been busy these past weeks that we are not yet done with Christmas decorating and wrapping gifts. I thought I would really be early in doing what needs to be done for the holidays but I am still late.

Me and hubby were both busy not only with work but also with our studies. When we are at home we do house chores take care of the kids and do our online classes.

Actually I can do some of the things that we needed to do but I don't like dragging the kids out due to our bad weather here. It's always raining. Then our DD2 got sick. It got me so worried and I did not go out of the house that much.

Hopefully when everything is done, the school work and hubby starts his vacation, then we can concentrate on doing the last minute Christmas shopping.

Getting Rid of Two Printes

Before my husband went to Iraq last year he told me he will get another printer. I told him to wait for it since we have two printers currently. We have lexmark and brother printers. If he will buy another one then I want to get rid of these two because we don't have space to store it in. When he got back in August he was planning of getting one right away good thing he listened. Honestly I want to wait until we can have our own place to replace some of our office equipment. I am planning of having a home office once I finished my certificate program in medical transcription. It is still a long way but time flies fast so it will be just around the corner so to speak. So for now I will just have to continue to convince him not to get another printer.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Army Ball

I've been a military dependent for six years now and I haven't had the chance to attend a formal army ball. There were instances in the past that me and hubby planned to attend, but due to some circumstances we were not able to. Then we have kids and it is just impossible to find a reliable sitter to watch over them while we are away. It would be nice to attend on one. I wanna know what it is like. A friend of mine who attended along with her husband told me that it's just the same with any other party except you can see partners ans service members were dressed elegantly. The women in formal ball gowns, prom dresses, or a formal long gowns while the men in their dress blues.

One time when hubby told me we will be attending a ball, I went to buy me a formal dress, shoes, and even accessories. Then he said we will not attend anymore I was kind of disappointed. I returned what I bought since I won't be able to use it anyway. Hubby told me to keep it but I said I'll be able to find another one appropriate for the next party or ball.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Scrubs for Medical Practitioners

I have many friends working here in the US or abroad that works as medical practitioners. Most of them are working as nurses and care givers. I've been working as a nursing assistant three years ago as well. Almost all of us have the same concern, where to get a comfortable medical scrubs without breaking the bank.

Some of them made their own, like sewing their own scrubs. I told my husband then that if only I know how to sew I will make my own as well. I just don't want to go to that hassle. Good thing this time you can already buy scrubs online inexpensively.

Before, if I were to ask I will not buy anything online especially if I'm going to wear it but when I tried buying stuff online and choosing the right size I am now hook into online shopping. The same with buying medical scrubs online at blue sky scrubs you only need to choose from among their designer scrubs and the right fit for you. They have lots of selection and affordable for a comfortable scrubs with top notched quality. Now I know where to get one once I go back to working in medical field.

Supermall on Saturday

This past weekend we thought of starting our Christmas shopping. I thought hubby will only drive to the nearest mall from our place but he decided to go to the supermall which is a 40 minutes drive. It is an outlet mall so there were really good deals over there except that the tax is higher from where we live.

As usual I was only able to get stuff for the kids. I just can't resist getting the kids cute stuff. I know I need to resist the temptation which most of the time I am really good at anyways. It is only when I see really good deal that I splurge a bit for the kiddos.

While inside the mall we passed through the kids play area and our DD1 was so excited to ride on the carousel. Hubby was at the sprint store with our tiny one so I accompanied her riding on a merry-go-round. She had a blast as I can see her face lit up.

The mall has a kind of round floor plan that you have to go around in order to check out all the vendors inside. While we go around I saw a kiosk or like a vending machine for acne products. I haven't seen one ever so I think it's kind of cool. But I am also thinking how can one know it's the right product for them unless they've seen their dermatologist before getting one. In a way though it is a good marketing strategy.

We left the mall passed 8pm and my feet hurts really bad after since I did not wear a comfortable walking shoes. I have it now in my list to get as gift for myself. A nice pair of shoes that I can use for work and walking.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cordial Cherries and Christmas

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez.

While I was watching satellite television from tonight I saw an advertisement for Queen Anne cordial cherries. I always forget just how much I love cordial cherries until November hits every year. I love chocolate covered cherries and look forward to the holiday season when I can indulge in my favorite candy once again.

I am actually very fussy when it comes to my cordial cherries. I am especially fond of the ones that have a maraschino cherry in a clear liquid, all wrapped up inside of a yummy dark chocolate shell. The best part of the Christmas season is that you can find them at a lot of stores for a wide variety of prices.

To make the holiday season a little bit brighter, Hershey's has now started making cherry cordial Kisses. They usually fly off of the shelves in the local stores. I grab them when I can and keep them in dishes around my house so that everyone can enjoy them.

There are few candies that I indulge in, but during the holiday season, I have to have my cordial cherries. I'll even settle with the ones that have the white filling and milk chocolate if I have to, all of them are just that good.
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