Friday, December 3, 2010

Cordial Cherries and Christmas

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez.

While I was watching satellite television from tonight I saw an advertisement for Queen Anne cordial cherries. I always forget just how much I love cordial cherries until November hits every year. I love chocolate covered cherries and look forward to the holiday season when I can indulge in my favorite candy once again.

I am actually very fussy when it comes to my cordial cherries. I am especially fond of the ones that have a maraschino cherry in a clear liquid, all wrapped up inside of a yummy dark chocolate shell. The best part of the Christmas season is that you can find them at a lot of stores for a wide variety of prices.

To make the holiday season a little bit brighter, Hershey's has now started making cherry cordial Kisses. They usually fly off of the shelves in the local stores. I grab them when I can and keep them in dishes around my house so that everyone can enjoy them.

There are few candies that I indulge in, but during the holiday season, I have to have my cordial cherries. I'll even settle with the ones that have the white filling and milk chocolate if I have to, all of them are just that good.

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