Monday, December 6, 2010

Supermall on Saturday

This past weekend we thought of starting our Christmas shopping. I thought hubby will only drive to the nearest mall from our place but he decided to go to the supermall which is a 40 minutes drive. It is an outlet mall so there were really good deals over there except that the tax is higher from where we live.

As usual I was only able to get stuff for the kids. I just can't resist getting the kids cute stuff. I know I need to resist the temptation which most of the time I am really good at anyways. It is only when I see really good deal that I splurge a bit for the kiddos.

While inside the mall we passed through the kids play area and our DD1 was so excited to ride on the carousel. Hubby was at the sprint store with our tiny one so I accompanied her riding on a merry-go-round. She had a blast as I can see her face lit up.

The mall has a kind of round floor plan that you have to go around in order to check out all the vendors inside. While we go around I saw a kiosk or like a vending machine for acne products. I haven't seen one ever so I think it's kind of cool. But I am also thinking how can one know it's the right product for them unless they've seen their dermatologist before getting one. In a way though it is a good marketing strategy.

We left the mall passed 8pm and my feet hurts really bad after since I did not wear a comfortable walking shoes. I have it now in my list to get as gift for myself. A nice pair of shoes that I can use for work and walking.

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