Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gun Issues

With the recent Tucson incident, many are now questioning about the gun law in different states and cities. I am not against owning of a gun but I am into responsible gun ownership. It is one's right to have whatever he wants but it is also our responsibility to handle it properly. There should be a thorough check for every person who wanted to buy a gun.

I heard on the news about kids accidentally shot a family member because a gun was not properly kept. If you have a gun in the house and you have kids, a gunvault is a must to safely keep it. A friend of mine and her husband recently purchased a gun and she told me they also have a gunvault for its safekeeping.

My husband asked me if it is okay with me if he purchase a gun in the future. I told him I don't mind. I just don't want it right now because our kids are still small. Although I sure that he is a responsible person but it will be best if our kids are all big enough to know what is it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chaos in Egypt

As we all heard on the news the chaos that is going on in Egypt right now is really making people across the globe on edge. You can see the violence that is happening between the protesters and police. According to the news, the police were not visible already but the military were being called out to secure the city but seem like the military are not doing anything. I am hoping that the chaos will be over soon and the people of Egypt will be heard.

One of the country that I really wanted to visit in the future is Egypt. I like to see the famous pyramid in Giza as well as the different old civilization being preserved. A friend of mine said that when they went there she fell in love of the place and also shopping different Egyptian products. She liked the Egyptian cotton sheets that is really made of fine cotton. Soft and velvety to the touch. I think with what is going on in the country, it will take a lot of time for tourist to be back in Egypt. I pray that the situation there will be over soon.

Wet and Soggy Weekend

Wow, has been days that it is always raining here in our area. We were thinking of going to Seattle and witness the Chinese festivities going on at the China town. I told my husband I will just stay at home but he decided to go to the car dealership. We then proceeded there after lunch time.

We did not stay long at the dealership. Hubby thought that I wanted to go to the mall but I did not like taking the kids out of the vehicle when it was pouring hard. I told him he can drop me off at the commissary and I will do some grocery shopping.

It did not take me long to shop. I was alone so everything went a breeze. I really prefer to shop food alone. If the kids are with me it will take us long to finish and you have to deal with whining kids at time. I am pretty happy that grocery shopping is done this early. Tomorrow after church we will not pass by the grocery store since we already did it today. The forecast is still raining for tomorrow and the sun will probably come out and make an appearance on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weight Issue

It's like deja vu what we are going through with our DD2's weight issue from our DD1's weight issue before. They are slowly gaining weight and the doctor's are just making sure everything is straight. Our oldest daughter went to different laboratory work and going back and forth to the nutrition clinic but everything was normal. Now I am doing the same with our second child. I wish I have the same issue with them so I won't need diet pills that work for me.

Anyways, this morning I brought our 9 month old to her weight check and her Pedia told me that because of her small weight gain from two months ago, she has to order some tests to be done just to rule out other causes and put my mind at ease. So she had blood drawn done, urine test and tomorrow she will have sweat test. It broke my heart seeing her having the blood drawn I almost cried. They also inserted a catheter to catch her urine. I hope tomorrow's test will not be as torturous than today's tests were. Also, I will be making appointments for nutrition clinic and Pedia cardiology clinic. I just want this all to be done with and our minds at ease regarding this weight issue with our tiny one.

New Friend and Get-Together

A friend of mine invited us for lunch earlier. She told me she have a new Filipina friend and wanted us to met her. She live also in the apartment complex that they're living but they haven't seen each other yet. They only talked over the phone. After my daughter's doctor's appointment we went to their place. My friend cooked a lot of Filipino foods including desserts. It was like a mini-fiesta. We met our new friend and she has a 2 year old and is preggy for their second son. We had fun during our lunch and I told them there goes my portion control out of the window. This type of get-together can really mess up your dieting. Top ten diet pill may be one of the alternatives if this will continue. My husband said that he knew that once all Filipinas get together expect pigging out and karaoke. He is right. That's all we are doing when we are getting together.

Wedding Bells

I was browsing on facebook and saw pictures of wedding ceremonies and receptions of some of my friends. Our wedding was very simple and attended only with my husband's relatives. I didn't even wear a bridal gown. My husband promised that we are going to renew our vow in my home country so my family and relatives can attend. Although it really doesn't matter to me but for my family back home it will be nice.

When I told my sister, she said that she'll plan for the reception and ceremony since I am far away. I just need to check out bridesmaid dresses designs, theme or motif, food and drinks, and how many guests. We have a very traditional culture when it comes to weddings. We also have a large family. Hopefully both our girls will be bigger enough so they'll be part of the entourage. Hopefully on our next visit to Philippines we can plan for it and renew our vow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sausage and Potato Roast

As I have said in my previous post that I am now trying to cook most of our meals. Of course I cook all the time but I seldom try new recipes. Now that I have more time, since I am not working outside home, I became more adventurous in the kitchen.

Last week I bought an All You magazine and I really like it since there are lots of tips for the home, budgeting and most especially coupons and easy to make recipes. One of the reader recipe that I tried making was the Italian Sausage and Potato Roast. Instead of using an Italian sausage I used the Filipino longganisa. Good thing I had all the ingredients so I made it for dinner. I usually buy this kind of sausage links from the Filipino store.

For this recipe you will need:

yellow bell pepper, cut in strips
green bell pepper, cut in strips
sweet onion, sliced
red potatoes, cut in quarters
olive oil
dried oregano
garlic salt
sausage, cut into chunks

1. Preheat oven to 450 deg F. Line large baking sheet with foil and mist foil with cooking spray. In a large bowl toss all veggies with olive oil, oregano, garlic salt and pepper. Spread the veggies on baking sheet.
2. Distribute sausage chunks among veggies. Roast until veggies begin to caramelize and sausage cooked through, about 30 minutes, stirring once or twice during baking.

This recipe is really very easy and don't take long to prepare and cook.. This past Thanksgiving I tried roasting on the same process some winter vegetables and it really tasted good. Glad I found it.

My First Place

Are you fond of watching the HGTV show My First Place? I don't know why but my husband is so hook on it. I guess not only this particular show but also other shows like Holms on Homes, House Hunters, Property Virgin, and many others. There was this one episode on Property Ladder wherein the flipper, who flips houses, redid almost the entire house. One big thing added to the house was a garage door opener that I myself can say it will add money to the house.

This kind of show is what my husband also like to watch since we are both planning of having our own place. There is so much that we can learn by watching the shows. It can really prepare us on becoming a homeowner and make us, at least, knowledgeable in looking for our own property. Hopefully when it is our time to look for houses we already know what we are looking for.

Appetite Suppresant

I've been trying to curtail my appetite lately that thinking about using an organic or natural appetite suppressant could be an option. Since I am not working anymore I am back to cooking dinner for us. Since the new year I also tried different recipes. My husband told me I am becoming an iron chef. I know I am still an amateur cook but I really am trying though. So this is my predicament now, I ended up eating a lot from my cooking as well as my husband's. If I want my belly fat to go away then I should enforce to myself portion control, exercise and more exercise. I have to discipline myself. I am not getting any younger and fats can be stubborn now that I am of age.

Philippine Hero

On January 1st we decided to watch the fireworks display at Seattle's Space Needle to greet the new year. We were able to park near the Needle right when the fireworks went off. Afterward, we decided to drive around before going home. Then I noticed the bridge with a familiar sign on the side. I was surprised to see the Philippine hero's name Dr. Jose P. Rizal. I did not know that a bridge in honor of our national hero is present here in Washington State.

It is a good feeling knowing that here abroad a landmark is being named after a Filipino. It is an honor to have our heritage being acknowledged here abroad.

Loving the Lakers

Contribution by Terrance Kirby.

I've always loved California, especially Los Angeles. Two years ago, I spent an entire year living in L.A. and loved everything about it. While, I am glad I moved there are many aspects of the city that I miss so much. Aside from the fabulous weather and the great shopping, I definitely miss going to see the Lakers play. My friends and I would catch as many Lakers games as possible and grew to become huge fans of the team. Watching Kobe play was one of the most exciting aspects of the games and always kept me coming back game after game.

Not only did we love going to the games, but we loved the excitement of getting ready for the game and going out afterwards. Since we usually made big events out of the games, we would get ready, set our home security alarm (Nashville Adt home security specials) and head out for a night in the fabulous city. No matter how great or bad our seats were, we always managed to have a fabulous time. The Staples center is a great place to watch a game and the atmosphere is always so much fun. Since moving, I have visited a few times, and each time, I make sure to schedule my trip around getting to see the Lakers play.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Same Gift, What a Coincidence!

I could say that me and my husband really have so many things in common because not only that we always say same thing at the same time or tell each other something the same at the same time but we also buy gift to each other the same thing a lot of times. Just this Christmas, when I thought of what to give to him I thought of giving him a pull up station or a jewelry. I waited for the last moment to buy the one special gift and I decided getting the necklace with a crucifix pendant.

On Christmas day, after our dinner, we gave our gifts to each other and when I opened his gift for me it is also a necklace with a crucifix pendant. We were laughing at each other because we have the same gift for each other. He said that we are really meant for each other. I do believe so too. God really put us together not only to compensate each others strengths and weaknesses but because God know we will be happy to be together and our hearts belong to each other. There may be no guarantee in life but for everything that we've been through in our lives, I won't trade for anything in this world for what I have right now. A great and loving husband, and wonderful kids to cherish for life.

Hold Off on Video Games

When I talked to my husband about the possibility of us getting game console he said that we may but when we will have our own house. So this means that there is no possibility for me to buy xbox games in the near future. We are planning already of owning our own house but the question of when still looms around.

I also have apprehension of getting game console that it will just around the house. I don't even have time to finish all my chores with kids and school work then how can I have time to play. My husband although love to play video games and the like but he is too busy also with his work and school work. Our weekends are for family bonding and church. We usually go out during weekends so we will not be able to play. I know in the future we will get one but it is not a priority right now.

Daughter's School Output

When our daughter started attending preschool in September last year I intend on keeping all her school output. I have ample here already but I still have to organize it. I need to buy a big folder or better a scrapbook binder and try to put it all together. I told my family back in Philippines that I will also send them some artwork prints of our daughter since they don't have regular access to the internet.

I am so proud of our preschooler here that she is always trying to finish her arts when in school so she can show it to us. We also get excited every time our kids have accomplishments even how small it is. Good thing she loves school and always looking forward to be at school. Right now she always tell me she will go to doctor school one day.

Our New Year Celebration

I miss celebrating new year in the Philippines. Aside from the presence of family and friends, the noise and excitement of the people around is what it makes it more joyful. Here in the US if you are celebrating it at home it becomes quiet after the dinner. If you go to the main city and witness the fireworks display it will be so much fun but still there is something missing.

Anyhow, on new year's eve we had dinner at home and then we went to Seattle to witness the New Year's celebration at the Space Needle. We did not come out of our vehicle when we got there. We parked and just watched the fireworks display while inside our vehicle. It was crowded and we don't want the two little ones to be squeezed in the crowd. We drove home when the display ended.

I am hoping I can bring my husband and kids to the Philippines during Christmas and New Year. I want them to experience what it is like celebrating the season Filipino-style.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cuff Links for Daddy

This past Christmas I gave my husband a dress shirt with tie and cuff links. He like it very much and he wore it when we went to church. I was thinking of getting another cuff links since he likes collecting it. I saw double happiness cuff links that I am thinking he will like as well. He like Asian flare and I could get it for him for valentine's day. He started collecting cuff links when I gave him one two years ago. We go to church every Sunday and he likes to use cuff links in his dress shirts or coats. Now I will not be worry what to give him this coming heart's day.

Funny Girl

I observed our daughter the past months until now is that when we are in a store or any building that we go to she always try to use their toilets. I don't know why but she is very persistent. My friend's daughter of her age act the same too. So, I believe it is this age when they are potty trained that they just wanted to try every rest room they can go to. Good thing though is that they're able to practice more and more and can also avoid accidents. In our apartment we only have one bathroom and she likes to copy me. If I go use it she will run and say "me first". She is very funny. I am thankful that she is now fully trained to use the potty and can do it independently already.
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