Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chaos in Egypt

As we all heard on the news the chaos that is going on in Egypt right now is really making people across the globe on edge. You can see the violence that is happening between the protesters and police. According to the news, the police were not visible already but the military were being called out to secure the city but seem like the military are not doing anything. I am hoping that the chaos will be over soon and the people of Egypt will be heard.

One of the country that I really wanted to visit in the future is Egypt. I like to see the famous pyramid in Giza as well as the different old civilization being preserved. A friend of mine said that when they went there she fell in love of the place and also shopping different Egyptian products. She liked the Egyptian cotton sheets that is really made of fine cotton. Soft and velvety to the touch. I think with what is going on in the country, it will take a lot of time for tourist to be back in Egypt. I pray that the situation there will be over soon.

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