Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gun Issues

With the recent Tucson incident, many are now questioning about the gun law in different states and cities. I am not against owning of a gun but I am into responsible gun ownership. It is one's right to have whatever he wants but it is also our responsibility to handle it properly. There should be a thorough check for every person who wanted to buy a gun.

I heard on the news about kids accidentally shot a family member because a gun was not properly kept. If you have a gun in the house and you have kids, a gunvault is a must to safely keep it. A friend of mine and her husband recently purchased a gun and she told me they also have a gunvault for its safekeeping.

My husband asked me if it is okay with me if he purchase a gun in the future. I told him I don't mind. I just don't want it right now because our kids are still small. Although I sure that he is a responsible person but it will be best if our kids are all big enough to know what is it.

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