Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Friend and Get-Together

A friend of mine invited us for lunch earlier. She told me she have a new Filipina friend and wanted us to met her. She live also in the apartment complex that they're living but they haven't seen each other yet. They only talked over the phone. After my daughter's doctor's appointment we went to their place. My friend cooked a lot of Filipino foods including desserts. It was like a mini-fiesta. We met our new friend and she has a 2 year old and is preggy for their second son. We had fun during our lunch and I told them there goes my portion control out of the window. This type of get-together can really mess up your dieting. Top ten diet pill may be one of the alternatives if this will continue. My husband said that he knew that once all Filipinas get together expect pigging out and karaoke. He is right. That's all we are doing when we are getting together.

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