Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our New Year Celebration

I miss celebrating new year in the Philippines. Aside from the presence of family and friends, the noise and excitement of the people around is what it makes it more joyful. Here in the US if you are celebrating it at home it becomes quiet after the dinner. If you go to the main city and witness the fireworks display it will be so much fun but still there is something missing.

Anyhow, on new year's eve we had dinner at home and then we went to Seattle to witness the New Year's celebration at the Space Needle. We did not come out of our vehicle when we got there. We parked and just watched the fireworks display while inside our vehicle. It was crowded and we don't want the two little ones to be squeezed in the crowd. We drove home when the display ended.

I am hoping I can bring my husband and kids to the Philippines during Christmas and New Year. I want them to experience what it is like celebrating the season Filipino-style.

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