Saturday, January 8, 2011

Same Gift, What a Coincidence!

I could say that me and my husband really have so many things in common because not only that we always say same thing at the same time or tell each other something the same at the same time but we also buy gift to each other the same thing a lot of times. Just this Christmas, when I thought of what to give to him I thought of giving him a pull up station or a jewelry. I waited for the last moment to buy the one special gift and I decided getting the necklace with a crucifix pendant.

On Christmas day, after our dinner, we gave our gifts to each other and when I opened his gift for me it is also a necklace with a crucifix pendant. We were laughing at each other because we have the same gift for each other. He said that we are really meant for each other. I do believe so too. God really put us together not only to compensate each others strengths and weaknesses but because God know we will be happy to be together and our hearts belong to each other. There may be no guarantee in life but for everything that we've been through in our lives, I won't trade for anything in this world for what I have right now. A great and loving husband, and wonderful kids to cherish for life.

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