Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Bells

I was browsing on facebook and saw pictures of wedding ceremonies and receptions of some of my friends. Our wedding was very simple and attended only with my husband's relatives. I didn't even wear a bridal gown. My husband promised that we are going to renew our vow in my home country so my family and relatives can attend. Although it really doesn't matter to me but for my family back home it will be nice.

When I told my sister, she said that she'll plan for the reception and ceremony since I am far away. I just need to check out bridesmaid dresses designs, theme or motif, food and drinks, and how many guests. We have a very traditional culture when it comes to weddings. We also have a large family. Hopefully both our girls will be bigger enough so they'll be part of the entourage. Hopefully on our next visit to Philippines we can plan for it and renew our vow.

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