Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weight Issue

It's like deja vu what we are going through with our DD2's weight issue from our DD1's weight issue before. They are slowly gaining weight and the doctor's are just making sure everything is straight. Our oldest daughter went to different laboratory work and going back and forth to the nutrition clinic but everything was normal. Now I am doing the same with our second child. I wish I have the same issue with them so I won't need diet pills that work for me.

Anyways, this morning I brought our 9 month old to her weight check and her Pedia told me that because of her small weight gain from two months ago, she has to order some tests to be done just to rule out other causes and put my mind at ease. So she had blood drawn done, urine test and tomorrow she will have sweat test. It broke my heart seeing her having the blood drawn I almost cried. They also inserted a catheter to catch her urine. I hope tomorrow's test will not be as torturous than today's tests were. Also, I will be making appointments for nutrition clinic and Pedia cardiology clinic. I just want this all to be done with and our minds at ease regarding this weight issue with our tiny one.

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