Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wet and Soggy Weekend

Wow, has been days that it is always raining here in our area. We were thinking of going to Seattle and witness the Chinese festivities going on at the China town. I told my husband I will just stay at home but he decided to go to the car dealership. We then proceeded there after lunch time.

We did not stay long at the dealership. Hubby thought that I wanted to go to the mall but I did not like taking the kids out of the vehicle when it was pouring hard. I told him he can drop me off at the commissary and I will do some grocery shopping.

It did not take me long to shop. I was alone so everything went a breeze. I really prefer to shop food alone. If the kids are with me it will take us long to finish and you have to deal with whining kids at time. I am pretty happy that grocery shopping is done this early. Tomorrow after church we will not pass by the grocery store since we already did it today. The forecast is still raining for tomorrow and the sun will probably come out and make an appearance on Monday and Tuesday.

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