Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visiting the Land Down Under

I think we will have an opportunity to visit the land down under or Australia in the near future. For one, my very close cousin works and lives there along with her family. Secondly, my brother-in-law is now in the south of Australia for a one year study. His wife, my youngest sister, will be going there to be with him most probably this coming April. She told me that if we have the chance this year we can go there and visit them. I am not really sure about it. The airfare is very expensive, but who knows maybe we can find a way.

I think before going there I have to make sure I will have that summer body already since Australia is known to have nice beaches. I need to check out ways on how to reduce belly fat in order to achieve that summer body though. That is my very concern. You know if you already have kids that part there is very stubborn to tone down. It's like it has a mind of its own that sometimes nobody can dictate when to reduce. Anyways, I am not really sweating too much about it. I will take my time and hopefully I will reach the reduced size at summer time.

I Miss Home

I called my family back in the Philippines and I learned that my brother and his family is now in our hometown visiting. I haven't seen them for years and I was only able to talk to them over the phone and on skype. My brother just came home early this month from overseas. He works as a seaman and he is now on his vacation. He told me that he may go back on board a vessel again after he took an exam this May. He will begin his review in March and he is hoping he can pass the exam to be promoted on his job.

I also talked to my Mom and I am very thankful for her recovery. She had stroke back in October and we nearly lost her. Thanks God she's very brave and she was able to pull through her condition. Although she still can't walk on her own but her speech came a long way as well as moving her arms. I have great faith that she may not be able to completely gain back her walking ability but at least she can do so using a walker. I wish to see them soon and by that time all of my siblings will be home just like the good ole days.

Cardio Training

I do feel that I need cardio training. I easily get burnt out or exhausted every time I do some strenuous work or activity. Just like this afternoon, we were playing bowling and after few games I was already exhausted and like I am panting for lack of air. My husband joked at me that I need diet pills and do my daily exercise so I can keep up with them. Really, I now come to the realization that I should not procrastinate when it comes to doing some fitness and exercise. I envisioned myself to have a toned body and sound mind as I become older. I know that when we become older fats in our body are so stubborn enough to go away that easy. When we have our own place, I would really try to own a treadmill or any stationary exercise machine to do cardio and resistance training.

Good Game

We were out this afternoon amidst the freezing temperature and went to the bowling lane to meet up with our family friends to play bowling. We were there at 3 pm and we just got back home. It was a fun day although we waited for few minutes for an available lane. There were too many people there. We occupied two lanes for two families. We divided ourselves into two teams, men vs women. It was really fun and even our toddler enjoyed it as she was also in one of the teams. I think playing bowling is one of the best fat burners. It can definitely tone muscles of the legs, arms and hips since you are using these muscles too much while playing. Right now my arms kinda hurting and my thighs to hips are somewhat tight. I suggested to hubby that we will go bowl as much as we can especially during weekends and even just us it will surely be fun.

"Take a Picture"

Our almost 4-year-old will always tell me to take a picture every time she is playing, cuddling with her little sister. I believe she got used to me saying it all the time when I get a chance to take picture of them together. Now instead of me telling her to pose, she's the one who will tell me to take a picture.

This picture on the side is one of those times that she asked me to take a picture. She was playing dress up and her sissy was just following her around crawling on the floor. I put the little one on the bed coz I changed her nappies. The older kid hopped on bed and hugged her sister the said, "take a picture Mommy", so there :-) She is cute asking me that I can't resist but obliged. One of Mommy's happiness :-) Love them to bits!

Daddy is Cooking Breakfast

During weekends, specially Saturday, my husband cooks our breakfast. Last night we both cook dinner and we have some mashed potato left-over. This morning he decided to make corned-beef hash patties using the mashed potato left-over. I jokingly told him that we will have a high calorie breakfast that weight loss pills that work will be needed after. He was not offended because we always joke like this in the house. But in fairness, what he made is very tasty and it's a good use for left-overs. It is not always that he'll cook such so I forgave him.

The best part is hubby is very thoughtful and always look up to us. He don't mind sharing the house chores with me even if he is tired from work. He do our dishes after dinner and all floor cleanings. He even changes curtains and linens and do laundry if I don't feel like it. I am so blessed to have a great husband and will always be thankful to God.

Binding My References

I am thinking of binding all of my online texts and references that I printed out from my online school. I have it right now in a 3-ring binder but I just thought of using Velo Bind to make it more look like a book instead of just loose papers. The binder that I have right now is heavy and I don't like to bring it around. My husband agreed to my plan. He may have to use it also to bind his school work paper and materials. I may have to check online for this type of binder including its system. I hope I can find inexpensive one to get.

Speaking of school materials, I am so slacking. I have a lot of readings to do with my school assignments but I am not motivated. I felt so lazy and tired lately to open my books. I have practice dictations to grade and redo as well as tests to do, but the lazy bug is eating me up. I know I am bad at blaming it on the weather but it is me who is not making my plan or system work. Hopefully with the motivation group that I am joining online with my co-students I will be able to keep up and do better than what I am doing right now.

Workout Motivation

I was watching the news the other night and one very interesting report that they have is about an exercise for those who don't like to exercise. The method is known as yamuna body rolling wherein you use a certain ball to roll with your body. Accordingly it will give you some kind of deep tissue massage thus stimulating your sleeping muscles. So I think this is what I do need. I don't have the motivation right now to workout. I told my husband that I may need a hemo rage black to supplement my energy and boost my strength to exercise. But as what I always says that taking something is not an option for me. So I may have to check more on this yamuna method because it looks very interesting and relaxing type of workout.

Friday, February 25, 2011

February Freeze

When the east coast was blasted with snow storm last month we were spared here in the west coast. However we wanted for us to be spared all the way there is no luck, we are experiencing snow storm this end of February. Yeah, the winter blast is here in our neck of the woods. Wednesday and Thursday were fun for all those that love the snow. Today is a nice sunny day and the snow started melting. Tomorrow it will be snowing again according to the forecast. The temperature right now is really freezing that is why most of the snow takes time to melt instead make the road icy and dangerous. For those who are traveling here in the northwest should take extra careful.

Friday, February 4, 2011

All Under the Weather

All of us here at home are kind of under the weather. Our two kids have cough and colds. Good thing their fever is gone already. This past days we brought them to the Pedia for check up. I have been to the hospital not only once but countless for all the tests that needs to be done in order to know what is really wrong with them. When it comes to my kids' health I don't play games.

Yesterday I went to the hospital twice. Morning appointment for our eldest and in the evening for our youngest. We came back again this afternoon to get the result of the nasal swab that was done to our little one. Good thing the rapid test was negative but we still have to wait for the culture result. The doctor said he will call once the result is in.

When we go out of the hospital building we passed by the covered shed where hospital employees go to smoke. I even saw someone who was smoking a cigar. It may be a don tomas or other brand, who knows, but I was telling my husband I am glad he don't smoke. If ever, the respiratory infection that our daughters have right now maybe worst.

In two weeks I will be bringing our little one again to her series of appointments. It will be on the 14th and 22nd of this month and there will be four appointments to go to: her 2nd dose of flu shot, Pedia cardiology appointment, follow up check up, and the nutrition appointment. I am praying that all of it will be done and the results are all negative so I can have the peace of mind that I need.
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