Saturday, February 26, 2011

Binding My References

I am thinking of binding all of my online texts and references that I printed out from my online school. I have it right now in a 3-ring binder but I just thought of using Velo Bind to make it more look like a book instead of just loose papers. The binder that I have right now is heavy and I don't like to bring it around. My husband agreed to my plan. He may have to use it also to bind his school work paper and materials. I may have to check online for this type of binder including its system. I hope I can find inexpensive one to get.

Speaking of school materials, I am so slacking. I have a lot of readings to do with my school assignments but I am not motivated. I felt so lazy and tired lately to open my books. I have practice dictations to grade and redo as well as tests to do, but the lazy bug is eating me up. I know I am bad at blaming it on the weather but it is me who is not making my plan or system work. Hopefully with the motivation group that I am joining online with my co-students I will be able to keep up and do better than what I am doing right now.

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